5 things to do when your looking for a wedding dress

Choosing a wedding dress


One of the most exciting and stressful experiences of getting married is searching and choosing a wedding dress. Here are 5 tips we’d suggest you follow make sure you get your perfect dress as well as making it a more enjoyable experience.

1: Don’t leave it to the last minute

You’ve been planning your wedding for the last 15 months, but you’ve left the buying of the dress to the last three weeks. It’s no surprise your panicking and end up picking a dress that you’re not completely happy with. Give yourself plenty of time to search for a wedding dress. A 3-6 months time period should give you plenty of time to explore lots of different types of dresses, so you can pick the perfect one for you. Set yourself a deadline to have sorted your dress a couple of months before your wedding, which should help take away some of the final weeks stress.

2: Set yourself a budget

The first step is to make sure you’ve got your wedding budget set and you know how much of it you can spend on your dress. Then stick to it. This will help you focus on the dresses that you can afford. If you don’t you’ll only end falling in love with a dress that would blow up your wedding budget. You’ll probably end be judging all other dresses against the one you couldn’t buy. Don’t forget to add in the costs of shoes, veil, gloves, jewellery, lingerie and any other bits that you’ll also need to complete the outfit.

3: Have an open mind

You might already have decided the type of dress you want for your wedding, but what if you can’t find one you like in the budget that you’ve set or the silhouette of the dress doesn’t suit you. Do a little research and explore, find out what shape of dress works best for you, have a look a real women in the wedding dresses, rather than just models. Think about the wedding, is it a formal or informal wedding? Are you getting married in the summer or winter? These may influence the type of dress that you choose. Remember keep an open mind, you might surprise yourself on the type of dress you fall in love with.

4: Get your friends and family involved

You can have great fun with your family and friends while choosing your wedding dress. They can help with advice and suggestions. Plus give you honest advice on how the dress looks. Just be careful not to get too many people involved, too many opinions to consider is likely to confuse and can sometimes complicate things rather than help.

5: Trust your choice

Once you’ve selected a dress, go with it. Don’t continue to look and try on more wedding dresses. You’ll only start doubting if the dress you’ve chosen is the right one. Focus your attention on getting all the accessories to ensure you look fabulous on your wedding day.

Now go you’ve got advice, go and enjoy your search for the perfect wedding dress. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences on looking for a wedding dress. Share your tips.

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